Wednesday, September 29, 2010

september 29


no photos today but i do have one or two to upload, ive been too lazy to get it done.

the weather has been mild and generally uncooperative for dining out doors. the past week has brought the cooler and more enjoyable temperatures. it has also brought a short monsoon season along with it. thus washing the dirt and filth from the local sleeper gangs ( youve seen them im sure especially if youve been downtown at 7 am) - im not much of a fan of going back to work and being a soggy bottomed girl.

the lunch faire has yelded sumptuous courses from the homestead consisting of home grown bosc pears, store bought oranges and leftovers such as the greek classic moussaka ( which im quite positive tastes nothing like moose caca... but i could be wrong). ive enjoyed the pears quite a bit as theyre still firm and crisp with a light flavor. yes i know its not ripe enough to qualify as enjoyable to most but it fit the bill so to speak this week. my mother grew them in her yard. i picked my own with some long arm with a basket apparatus ... seemed a bit safer than me scaling a ladder on a hill leaning sideways whilst my mother trembled in fear.

today has been filled with the monotanous tones of checks running through the machines and customers shuffling their feet. pretty quiet if you ask me. welcome to fall... the leaves have refused to change their colors as of yet. meh.

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