Saturday, October 9, 2010


I <3 this place. I love the atmosphere, I love the employees, I love everything they serve. I love they have 2 locations and one with a 3 dollar movie show.

This week brought us an announcement of the detachment of one of our leaders. We love this guy. He's been a strong hold for us when there are inter office quarrels, a knowledgable resource on all transactions. And more than anything someone who has gained respect from a lot of our customers. Theyre not going to take well to his leaving. We already dealt with the heart wrenching move of another leader in the office, she followed her heart. It was a good move for her, but we still miss her and love her lots. I cant blame her, I'd do the same thing for the right person.

Back to the ABCo. AWBF and myself decided to sit down and discuss office junk with eachother and gossip. She had a fantastic looking Greek Chicken Salad, I had the standard cup of tar, my personal fuel of choice... black coffee.

 Mid discussion, we were distracted by some hot action at the bar. I've only seen it advertised on tv... but this brings it to life.  As seen on Ellen, and on late night infomercials all across America, this man.. this object .. so right and yet, OHHHH so wrong.!!!

The only thing I could think of was this song.. as he shook what his mama gave him...

Oh yes, and not that it went well with coffee... it went well with chip crumbles and half eaten carrot sticks.. go ahead.. make a pig of yourself and go for it. its awesome. its full of garlic, cheese and should be considrered for the top 10 list of things that should be on your plate for your last meal. 

mm mm mmmmmmm yeeaaaayuuuh. beercheese...

Sir, I am so sorry.

I don't know whether or not I should be more embarrassed as Ive taken it upon myself as an ambassador to the town or this officer should be more embarrassed.

Here in Asheville we're big on being green. We're trying to be more friendly to our Mother Earth, and learn to recycle and reuse our resources. One thing Ive found particularly ingenious is the Eco friendly " CopCart." How intimidating can this be? Can you even do a high speed chase in this thing? Are the pedestrians laughing at the supposed criminal in the back, or are they laughing at our officer of the peace?

 I caught him shaking what looked like his Miranda Rights card at this bush for about 10 minutes this week.  I'll let you decide.

One day no lunch.

So lunch brought nothing of delight. Although I did happen to walk down South Lexington to the chocolate shop. Ive heard tales of this place, 3 levels of chocolate decadance. A chocolate lovers dream. Home made treats if you will.. bars of chocolate hewn into shreds of sinful indulgence. Upon arrival. I was greeted by this:

minus all the clever notations added by myself; I wondered.. who is this french broad and what is the " chocolate lounge" how do you lounge in chocolate? do they enrobe you in liquid chocolate and then let you lounge about on their leather couches? and the broad, what does the french broad even have to do with it? im sure theyre only referring to the .. no wait there are some ladies.... hahaha...

Hearing their delight and squeals of " oh hahaha ha , ooooh la la's and, bon jour frenchiiieee montrez-moi le chocolat!!!"

i hesitated to enter.. and sat down on the side walk just pondering what i might be getting myself into.  i waited.. and waited.

until fifteen minutes later. this man came out smiling and looking quite refreshed

I decided to high tail it off Lexington Ave. and book it back to my office, not that I was scared just more shocked. Perhaps sometime later I can go back.. more prepaired, and ready for the explosive chocolate experience.

October Beginnings...

So we started the month of October just like legend says ... in like a polar bear out like a burst of blazing hotter than balls weather. The weather actually took me by surprise. It started out all chilly, and yes, I got excited to feel the nice cool crisp air of fall. The evening lows were down into the high 30s and 40s. Gray skies greeted us every morning. People were showing up in their jackets. Pockets full of mothballs, mistaking them for an old cough drop only to be surprised with something much worse tasting. ( Not saying I would make this mistake, I mean honestly really who eats moth balls these days.. cough cough )

So I started out on monday with a late lunch meet up with my AWBF. We dined outside a local restaurant, Loretta's. This place provides us with not only nutritious savory lunches; it provides us with entertainment from the friendly staff. We love Loretta's and will give full endorsement of something there garunteed to please you whether it be the food or some of the smokin hot employees. Just dont forget to search their website for their celebrity for your free drink. I never tire of asking for a big refreshing glass of Betty White.

AWBF lunch consisted of an " everything and turkey sandwich minus mayo add hummus and some cashew something. I'd reccomend it to about anyone" from Loretta's. I just smiled and turned my head. I brought my own lunch. Wild Rice, Omega 3 Peanut butter, Baby Carrots, and bought a cookie from Loretta's to split with the AWBF so they couldnt say I just comondeered a seat.

nothing monumental happened other than reading Mountain X.

adieu for now... blessings and best lunches... 


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