Saturday, October 9, 2010

One day no lunch.

So lunch brought nothing of delight. Although I did happen to walk down South Lexington to the chocolate shop. Ive heard tales of this place, 3 levels of chocolate decadance. A chocolate lovers dream. Home made treats if you will.. bars of chocolate hewn into shreds of sinful indulgence. Upon arrival. I was greeted by this:

minus all the clever notations added by myself; I wondered.. who is this french broad and what is the " chocolate lounge" how do you lounge in chocolate? do they enrobe you in liquid chocolate and then let you lounge about on their leather couches? and the broad, what does the french broad even have to do with it? im sure theyre only referring to the .. no wait there are some ladies.... hahaha...

Hearing their delight and squeals of " oh hahaha ha , ooooh la la's and, bon jour frenchiiieee montrez-moi le chocolat!!!"

i hesitated to enter.. and sat down on the side walk just pondering what i might be getting myself into.  i waited.. and waited.

until fifteen minutes later. this man came out smiling and looking quite refreshed

I decided to high tail it off Lexington Ave. and book it back to my office, not that I was scared just more shocked. Perhaps sometime later I can go back.. more prepaired, and ready for the explosive chocolate experience.

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